Asmongold is ‘totally fine’ after quitting stream to get to hospital

twitch streamer asmongold diablo 4

He wants to lead a healthier lifestyle from now on (pic: Twitter/Asmongold)

Following a recent trip to the emergency room, popular WoW streamer Asmongold reassured his fans that he is in good health.

Asmongold finally made his return to his main Twitch channel after a seven-month hiatus, to celebrate the much-anticipated release of Diablo 4.

However, things didn’t go as expected as he abruptly ended his Diablo 4 stream, leaving his viewers puzzled. Hours later, he posted on Reddit, seems shedding light on his unexpected absence.

Initially, he attributed the incident to anxiety and stress, but now he has opened up and shared additional insights into what actually happened.

In a nearly six-minute video shared on Twitter, Asmongold revealed the reason behind him ending his stream early was a strange leg pain that led him straight to the emergency room.

He admits that while the stress of returning to Twitch and the excitement surrounding Diablo 4 took a toll on his mental state, it wasn’t the only reason that caused him to stop streaming.

At first, Asmongold said he kept the whole situation under wraps, not even clued in to his dad, as he didn’t want to stress out his fans and family unnecessarily.

‘After I streamed Diablo 4 I went straight to bed. I woke up and I had some pain in my leg. I was stressed out, I was worried. You sit down for a long time, you’ve got pain in your leg, that could be a blood clot,’ the streamer said.

As the pain persisted into the following morning, he realized that he needed to take additional measures.

After a short, yet pricey, visit to his local hospital (he is American after all), he hopped back on social media to let his fans know that everything was all good in the end.

‘Basically, they did some tests. It cost me $420 [£338]. It’s the best $420 I’ve ever spent. I’m totally fine. There’s no blood clot, nothing wrong with me,’ Asmongold said.

As soon as his fans came across his video, they filled the comments section with love and support, applauding him for taking charge and looking out for himself.

As mongold wrapped things up by promising to make healthier choices going forward, acknowledging that streaming every day can have its toll.

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