Daily habits that can help decrease your biological age | Health

Daily habits that can help decrease your biological age |  Health

Aging is a natural process and with time one grows older. But some people look older than their actual or biological age which could at times take a heavy toll on self-esteem and confidence. In some cases, it may lead to social anxiety and a tendency to avoid events and parties. Besides, looking older than biological age suggests all may not be well with one’s physical and mental health. It also indicates low fitness level. As unhealthy habits are generally at the root of faster aging, healthy lifestyle changes can often slow down the aging process. This would not only add to longevity but also improve body functions which weaken with the elapse of time. (Also read: 10 everyday habits that speed up aging)

Biological age refers to an individual’s level of physiological or cellular aging, which may differ from their actual or chronological age. One’s biological age can be influenced by factors such as genetics, lifestyle, and environmental exposures.

Leading a healthy lifestyle can no doubt decrease our biological age and help us live longer with a better quality of life. Dr. Bhakti Arora Kapoor in her recent Instagram post talks about lifestyle habits that can decrease our biological age. “80% of your biological age is determined by your lifestyle,” says Kapoor.

Reversing biological age

“What if acquiring wrinkles, losing your strength, and developing age-related conditions were not inevitable? According to the latest developments in the field of longevity, this may be the case. Reversing biological age is an important aspect of maintaining overall health and wellbeing .Aging is a natural process, but it can have detrimental effects on our bodies over time.It can increase the risk of chronic diseases, decrease cognitive function, and reduce mobility.However, by taking steps to reverse the aging process, we can improve our quality of life and reduce the risk of age-related health issues,” says the nutritionist.

Kapoor says while aging is a complex process that will begin and progress at some point in your life. But research suggests one can turn back your biological age clock—how old you are internally—and by preventing and in some cases even reversing aging processes by implementing simple yet powerful lifestyle choices.

“I’ve mentioned some ways to reverse your biological age and enjoy the benefits of anti-aging. These benefits include increased energy levels, improved cognitive function, better skin health, and reduced risk of age-related diseases such as diabetes, heart disease , and cancer. Plus, improving your biological age can help you feel more confident and positive about your health and wellbeing,” says Kapoor.


your diet

Eat a nutritious diet, containing sufficient protein, good fat and colorful fiber rich, to reduce biological age.


Getting regular exercise helps to reduce biological age.


Having a consistent sleep pattern and getting quality rest can lower your biological age.

Reducing stress

Reducing stress levels with activities such as meditation and spending time with loved ones can help reverse biological age.

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