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A healthy breakfast is the best way to start your day off hence, it must be taken very seriously and smart swaps are a great way to make your favorite breakfast foods healthier without sacrificing the foods you love. Breakfast is the foundation of a healthy start for the day and eats a balanced breakfast that includes lean protein, whole grains and healthy fats, sets the tone for the day and gives you the energy and focus to be your best.

When it comes to healthy breakfast foods, we shouldn’t be afraid to think outside the box and swap out unhealthy breakfast foods for smarter alternatives and get our day off to a nutritious start. In an interview with HT Lifestyle, Anshi Saxena, Co Founder of Colocal, advised, “Instead of reaching for sugary cereals and processed breakfast foods, try making a smoothie or organizing a plate of fresh fruit and vegetables. Choose granola that contains no sugar and has been made fresh in a home environment. Combine it with yogurt, and mix some berries or your favorite fruit to have a belly-packing, delicious, nutrient-rich meal.”

She recommended, “Choose multigrain bread that has been baked fresh, and slather it with peanut butter that contains no preservatives, additives, or sugar. Chocolate is full of antioxidants, and nuts contain a good deal of Omega 3 that most Indian foods lack. Opt for a chocolate spread that contains nuts, and has no preservatives or sugar, slather the chocolate spread on your bread or put a dollop in your granola, and you’ll have a no-guilt chocolate breakfast ready. Choose vegan milk for your coffees and teas for a healthier alternative. Not only are these healthy alternatives to your favorite breakfast, but they are also incredibly delicious. Start your morning on the right foot with these Smart swaps, and you’ll surely have a proactive day.”

According to Sheetal Saxena, Founder of Athyeka Cafe, South Indian food can be an excellent alternative to favorite breakfast foods. She said, “Swapping sugary cereals and pastries for nutritious and delicious South Indian options like idli, dosa, or upma is a great idea to get your day started right. Idli and Dosa are two of the most popular South Indian breakfast dishes. They are both made from fermented rice and lentils and are a great source of healthy probiotics for the gut. It’s a unique and healthy addition that an English breakfast normally lacks.”

She suggested, “Eating a South Indian breakfast provides several benefits to your body, mind, and spirit. Filled with proteins, vitamins and minerals, these traditional dishes are sure to keep you energized throughout the day. Adding healthy sides like chutneys, sambar, and pickles can make the meal even more appetizing and delicious. South Indian food is a great way to switch up your breakfast routine while still getting the nutrition and flavor you crave.”

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