Lesley Stahl’s Reply To Marjorie Taylor Greene’s ‘Pedophile’ Claim Angers Viewers

“60 Minutes” correspondent Lesley Stahl theatrically scoffed at Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene’s unhinged claim that Democrats are the “party of pedophiles” during Sunday’s episode. (Watch the video below.)

But some critics of the Georgia Republican said the veteran journalist should have done more to refute the far-right lawmaker’s outlandish statements. Critics were already upset with the mainstream news show, arguing it was promoting Greene’s extremism by granting her air time.

Among “over-the-top” statements, Stahl pointed out that Greene called the Democrats “the party of pedophiles” last year.

“I would definitely say so,” Greene said. “They support grooming children.”

“They are not pedophiles. Why would you say that?” Stahl interjected.

“Even Joe Biden, the president himself, supports children being sexualized and having transgender surgeries,” Greene said in echoing false GOP claims equating trans-rights advocacy with child abuse. “Sexualizing children is what pedophiles do to children.”

An exasperated Stahl whispered “wow,” rolled her eyes and made a popping sound.

Stahl moved on to what she said was her real point: Are name-calling and personal attacks necessary to “fight for what you believe in?”

Reply Greene: “I would ask the same question to the other side. All they’ve done is call me names and insult me ​​non-stop since I’ve been here.”

some viewers defended Stahl for not dignifying Greene’s falsehood further by attempting to refute it. Others expectedthejournalist to push back and fact-check.

In spite of numerous medical associations backing gender-affirming care, Republicans nationwide have pushed false narratives about trans youth and sought to deny them health care. Care for trans youth more commonly involves non-surgical methods.

And lies about Democrats’ supposed support of pedophilia has proven dangerous: In 2016, for example, an armed man traveled hundreds of miles to target a Washington, DC, pizza restaurant based on false claims that Democrats were abusing children there.

An undeterred Greene shared her exchange with Stahl in a tweet on Sunday, writing: “I will always fight to protect kids!”


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