Matilda Heindow: I felt like a failure for so long but I learned to heal my mental health and you can too

Sometimes it can be difficult to stay grounded through life’s challenges, and sometimes it can even be difficult to enjoy its high points, but Matilda Heindow, a 23-year-old artist and mental health advocate based in Stockholm, shows us that it doesn’t matter what is happening in our life, we are someone worth taking care of.

I’m not the biggest fan of social media,” she says. The irony of this is not lost on Matilda, who — having been diagnosed in 2015 at only 15 with bipolar disorder followed by ADHD, PTSD and Generalized Anxiety — created her now much-loved Instagram page @crazyheadcomics, where she shares cartoons that cleverly skewer truths about mental health with wit and empathy to over half a million followers.

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