Ministry of Culture holds ‘Healthy Life’ workshop

Ministry of Culture holds ‘Healthy Life’ workshop

Doha: The Ministry of Culture on Sunday organized a ‘Healthy Life’ workshop on the occasion of National Sport Day to encourage employees to follow healthy diets, engage in various sports activities, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.

The workshop was presented by trainer Khalid Nabina, who described a healthy lifestyle as a set of practices aimed at enhancing the level of individual health and preventing diseases, which leads to elevating the standard of living in general. He pointed out that, to some people, the concept of healthy life is limited to exercising, healthy food, and losing or controlling weight, indicating that these matters are only one aspect of the healthy lifestyle that has multiple benefits for physical and mental health.

Nabina said healthy lifestyles include eating healthy food in measured quantities, exercising at least 3 days a week, quitting smoking, staying away from everything that harms the body, and improving sleep quality.

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