Watch Johnny Knoxville help husband pull off perverted wedding joke

A healthy marriage takes patience, communication, loyalty, and the ability not to murder your spouse after they prank you on national television.

In this exclusive first look at ABC’s new reality comedy The Prank PanelCalifornia-based wedding officiant Alan Katz puts his marriage to the test when he enlists hosts Johnny Knoxville, Eric Andre, and Gabourey Sidibe to help him pull a practical joke on his wife, Al-x.

Both Alan and his wife make their living officiating weddings. After Al-x “stole” one of Alan’s gigs, the scorned husband decided to seek revenge by asking Knoxville to stage a fake wedding for Al-x to perform. It’s only after the “I dos” are over that the poor woman is told that the bride and groom she just married are actually… brothers and sisters. “I get to make love to him as a wife and not just as a sister anymore,” gushes the (fake) bride, as Al-x grows increasingly confused. Knoxville, of course, is calling the shots from a hidden control room.

Panel grab prank

Panel grab prank

A B C Johnny Knoxville (right) on ‘The Prank Panel’

Watch the full (painfully awkward) interaction above.

Each week on Prank Panels, regular folks seeking revenge (or just a little mischief) appear before Knoxville, Sidibe, and Andre to pitch a prank on someone they know and allegedly love. The hosts choose the most worthy gags and then, as Knoxville explains in the premiere, they go to work spending “tons of ABC’s money to pull off their pranks bigger, better, and stupider than they could have ever imagined.”

The Prank Panel premieres May 24 at 9 pm on ABC.

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