Your now-useless Amazon Halo and lost Fitbit features are the start of a bad trend

Following news this week that Amazon has decided to shutter its health-focused Halo division, your smart Amazon Halo and Halo View fitness trackers, along with the Halo Rise sleep tracker, will essentially become defunct, with no support or further updates coming from Amazon. An Amazon statement confirmed all devices will stop working in August. Although Amazon will refund any Halo device bought in the last year and unused prepaid Halo subscriptions will be refunded, it’s a kick in the teeth to Halo owners, who are left holding a now-useless plastic bracelet.

This isn’t the first time, even the first time this year, owners of connected wearable devices are getting the raw end of a deal. Fitbit, now in the hands of Google, has also decided to shutter popular features like Group Challenges and music support, leaving customers with devices that do not carry the features they were originally purchased with, and in many cases, were purchased for.

Although we at TechRadar love our gadgets, it’s not unconditional love: if something’s no longer a good deal for you, there’s no point in continuing to pay for it.

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