‘Big Bang Theory’ Fans, Kaley Cuoco Posted a Frustrating Update After Surprise Health News

Kaley Cuoco is working through an unexpected injury, and she goes on social media to talk a bit about it.

In an Instagram story posted on July 10, The Big Bang Theory star shared that she is experiencing a form of tendonitis. Uploading an image of her left hand wrapped in a copper compression splint, Kaley reveals the catalyst behind the unforeseen circumstances. As she penned in a blurb on the photo, it happened from taking care of her daughter Matilda (who she welcomed in late March with boyfriend Tom Pelphrey).

“They call it ‘mommy wrist,'” she wrote on the picture. “Kamu bercanda yah?”

big bang theory kaley cuoco health tendonitis instagram news

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

While the Based on a True Story star’s health announcement was surprising, it didn’t stop there. The next day, Kaley followed up on the progress of her injury by delivering a grim update. This time taking a selfie from her bedroom, fans could see her wearing two hand braces instead of only one.

“Did I mention it’s both hands?” she later wrote on the post. “Just me sulking feeling sorry for myself.”

big bang theory kaley cuoco health tendonitis instagram news

Kaley Cuoco/Instagram

despite The Flight Attendant actress dealing with an injury she didn’t see coming, tendonitis is common for new parents who use their wrists a lot. The Hospital for Special Surgery writes that “mommy’s wrist,” medically known as De Quervain’s Syndrome, happens when inflammation occurs in the wrist or thumb from the various hand positions needed to help care for a baby. What’s more, it can cause pain that prevents people from completing simple things like bathing, feeding and changing diapers.

As for how to treat “mommy’s wrist,” HSS indicates that people with the condition should try modifying their daily activities and wear splints for support. They can also take NSAID medications in order to help with swelling and pain.

Sending Kaley all the well wishes! We hope she makes a speedy recovery.

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